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THE HOLE 9 YARDS  is an authorized dealer for Vortex® Sprayliners, the very best spray-on liner product that money can buy.

Do you use your truck for heavy use? Is the bed worn and open to the elements? Starting to rust? Vortex® Sprayed-on Liner is the answer to your needs.

Vortex Sprayed-on Liner creates a high impact, durable and insulated liner that permanently protects your truck bed from the elements.

If your truck bed paint surface has been worn down from a drop-in truck bed liner, our Vortex finish will make your truck bed like new with a beautiful, permanent, high strength Sprayed-on Truck Bed Liner.

A Vortex Spray-on Liner offers the greatest protection available for your truck bed. There's no vibration to wear away and damage your truck paint, and there's no place for moisture or rain to get in and start rusting your truck bed.

Vortex Spray-on Liner is a great way to make your fleet trucks, service vehicles, and utility trucks look beautiful. Shield your vehicles from wear with Vortex.

Vortex Spray-on Liner protects from rust and gives your truck a professional finish

Applying Vortex Spray-on Liner to truck bed.

Vortex™ Spray-on Liner Material

Backed with 50 years of coating technology, Vortex is especially designed for truck bed liners, cargo vans, trailers and virtually all-hard surfaces.

Vortex Liner material is up to 5x stronger than simple epoxy or enamel paint. Vortex Liner is a solvent free, two-component blend of Polyurethane (Rhino-Liner) and Polyurea (Line-x) materials.

As a 100% solids product, Vortex is great on concrete or block walls as a moisture barrier.

Not only can Vortex create a durable, high impact and super insulated surface but the material bonds to itself so custom logos and graphics can be sprayed on as well. Should you damage the liner, it can easily be touched up or repaired.

Granitex Baked-on Chips and Glazes

Granitex baked-on interior/exterior floor coatings combine durable Urethane and Aliphatic Urethanes to outperform 2-part epoxy garage floor paints and enamels.

Stain resistant and incredibly impact resistant, Granitex baked-on floor glazes provide a penetrating, long lasting, durable surface tough enough for high impact industrial-grade use as well as residential garage floor resurfacing.

Durable enough for warehouse floor applications, Granitex is strong enough to take the intense heat of hot tires, tough impact of dropped tools, and the wear and tear of heavy traffic. Granitex glazes are extremely UV stable.

The Granitex Baked-on Flooring System allows you to create stunning garage floors that increase the safety of walking areas by creating a non-skid, slip resistant surface.

Choose either a solid high gloss color surface for a unique highlight or Granitex Chip combinations can be applied to give you a faux-granite looking finish.



Granitex non-slip, easy-to-clean, textured floor.

The Granitex Granules are man-made fired ceramic beads for extra hardness and uniformity that will create a slip resistant finish that lasts for years. A light grit texture can be applied for pool decks or choose a coarse grit texture for steps and ramps.

Granitex can create truly awesome looks to worn out surfaces. The slip resistant Granitex Color Granules or Faux Granite Chips can be utilized to help create a slip-free surface over old work walkways.


Granitex granules come in a wide variety of colors.

Coat dangerous slippery surfaces with Vortex to absorb impact. Add Granitex to add texture and grip.

Custom Logos and Graphics are a snap over the Vortex material using the Granitex Color or Faux Granite Chips. Solid colored floors, graphics, logos or splashes of color look like a million dollars.

you can apply both Vortex and Granitex to the same surface to achieve a special effect.


Our Vortex Spray-On System is portable – we can bring it to you!

Our Vortex System travels to wherever there is work to be done, making Vortex the smart solution for hundreds of possible applications.

Our  Vortex System is self-contained. We takes care of everything. We automatically warm and mix the plural component material. We simply plug into any standard outlet and away we go. We can even run our Vortex Spray-On System off a small generator. (Now that is what we call portable). Be it truck beds or floors, only Vortex does more!

Fix an old painted porch or carport that has been peeling and flaking, as normal paint will do on cement surfaces. Slip resistant Granitex Granules will create a slip-free surface over the Granitex Glaze finish and provide a solid granite appearance.


Vortex adds new life to wood decks, concrete carports and patios.

Wood house decks and other walkways attain new life, durablity and beauty when Vortex is applied. Unsightly chipped concrete porches are a thing of the past when a colorful coat of the industrial strength Vortex material is applied. Give worn out, cracked and chipped concrete patios a new “finished” look that adds safety too!

Make your carport look as beautiful as your car. An amazing transformation takes place when Vortex is applied to a carport floor. Chips and cracks disappear. Vortex adds durability, beauty and value to your carport pad.

Porches, decks, garages, basement floors, showrooms, decks and bathroom floors are just a few of the many applications possible.

All types of commercial bathrooms can have Vortex™ applied to walls or floors for easy maintenance. Moldy cracks and grout lines are eliminated with the seamless Vortex™ Spray-On Liner Material.


Pools, Decks and Boats

Vortex™ has many diverse uses. The patent pending Vortex system can be applied to virtually any surface that needs protection from moisture, abrasion, impact, rust or corrosion.

These properties make Vortex the excellent choice for sealing exterior pool deck surfaces. Vortex provides a clean, protective attractive surface for your pool deck in any color you can imagine. Garden ponds and pools also benefit from the great Vortex sealing qualities.



Granitex creates the perfect non-slip surface for swimming pool paths.


Here is a glimpse of the many ways you can use the Vortex System!

  • Apply a permanent liner either to your truck or to the deck of your house.

  • Many types of surfaces can be protected and beautified with Vortex and Granitex. Use it for trucks, floors, home or business surfaces, boats and many other uses.

  • Protect farm equipment from the elements. If you can't bring it to us to have it Vortexed, then we will come to you.

Give New Life to Hard Working Trailers and Nautical Wares!

Utility Trailers, Sports Trailers, Enclosed Trailers, Motor Home Trailers, Boat Trailers, Boat Interiors, Trailers, Jet Ski Decks, Wave Runner Skids, even your boat dock are just a few of the things that can be protected and renewed by Vortex Spray-on Linings.

See what Vortex can do for you.  Call or email us for details today! 484-695-3777 or


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